OTM 2018

Welcome to the website of OnTheMove Federated Conferences & Workshops. The exact location of next year's event will be announced soon, but the dates are already set: from October 22 to 26.

This 17th edition of OnTheMove (OTM 2018) as before is a uniquely federated event composed of three interrelated yet complementary scientific conferences that together attempt to span a relevant range of the advanced research on, and cutting-edge development and application of, information handling and systems in the wider current context of ubiquitous distributed computing.

For 2018 a number of broadly interacting themes have been identified; submissions w.r.t. these themes are encouraged therefore to carefully position themselves as these will likely be individually emphasized by the respective component conferences:
   * Mobile aspects of secure computing in general as a basis for trusted use of Cloud-based IS
   * Infrastructure and semantics for big data and the internet in general
   * Role of community-driven, semantics-based business intelligence in cooperative IS
   * Implementation and application of open innovation in ecosystems of organizations and enterprises


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